Hinged Pipe Cutter Tools

This Plumbing Tool is a four-wheel cutter, featuring a unique guide bar design that ensures smooth operation and accurate precise pipe cutting. Needs only 90 to 110 handle swing, and only 4" clearance around most pipe. Universal cutter wheels are ideal for cutting most metals and are interchangeable with many other makes of hinged pipe cutters. Shipping not included, please contact us to order.

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Click to enlargeNew Small Hinged Pipe Cutter 1/2 - 2 inch Pipe Diameter1/2 - 2 inch pipe cutter. Swing open design and Needs only 90 to 110 degrees handle swing to make a cut. Four cutting wheels and uniique guide bar design ensures smooth operation.

Replacement Cutter Wheels for Hinge Pipe Cutter ToolsThere are four wheels per cutter. Price is for each wheel. If you replace all the wheels on a hinge pipe cutter order four wheels per cutter.

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